Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Filming at the Wales Public Health Conference November 2015

Recently, Farsight helped out at the Welsh Public Health Conference at the SWALEC stadium in Cardiff.

Held over two days, we were responsible for capturing key moments of the event and filming interviews with key speakers as well as editing together a 'highlights' package at the end of each day.

If you've ever had to edit to a strict deadline, you will know that it can be fraught with headaches:  computers crashing, footage compatibility issues, noticing mistakes at the last minute etc. 

Whilst some of those problems did rear their ugly heads, thankfully none of them were enough to bring the whole operation down and we were able to deliver a package to the events team just in time for it to be shown (why are these things always so close??) up on the big screen. Phew!

Editing was completed in Adobe Premiere Pro on an Apple iMac with a MacBook Pro as back up. Filming was conducted on a SONY HVR-Z7E, Canon 700D and Canon 70D.

Thanks to all of the Public Health Wales team for their support in particular Chris, Will, Natasha and Rebecca. Also, thanks to Ed the amazing production assistant for doing a fab job!

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