Monday, 11 October 2021

A guide to filming events and conferences

Farsight Films has worked on many events and conferences over the years – filming talks and presentations along with producing highlight videos to promote the event. Obviously, the Covid pandemic has had a big impact on the entertainment and hospitality industry and things are only starting to open up slowly again. So, if you are thinking of organising something soon, here are some important things to think about when it comes to having your event or conference filmed:

Sound / Audio
Sound is really important, especially if you are hoping to record keynote speakers delivering a powerful presentation. There is usually amplification at most venues: the speakers use a lectern microphone, tie (lapel) mic or handheld microphone and their voice is amplified and comes out through speakers. This is essential for all but the smaller of function rooms, in order for attendees to hear everything properly – so we really recommend amplification of some kind. When there is amplification, we usually connect our equipment directly into it so that we have the best sound quality. We tend to also use a secondary audio recorder as a back up.

In order to record video, we typically locate our equipment at the back of the room (near to the sound desk if there is one) or in the middle to the sides – we want to minimise any disruption to delegates. We use either one or two camcorders to record the speakers/presentations and one camera to gather extra shots (e.g. audience reactions, panning shots of the room, close ups of individuals, roving shots). Even though this is difficult to control, we prefer bright rooms with lots of lighting – this is normally the case, although some larger set ups employ a 'black backdrop' arrangement. As long as the stage is lit by spotlights, though, this shouldn't be a problem.

Interviews / Voxpops

You might want to conduct interviews with keynote speakers during the day. This can be done during coffee / lunch breaks or concurrently with the main event in a separate location. For the latter, additional kit and crew is normally needed. It is also wise to film interviews in a quiet room which is not a thoroughfare to avoid unwanted external sound or being interrupted midway through. These interviews are a great way to get the speaker to provide a summary of the talk from the main event and can be used for social media posts or included as part of a longer 'highlights' video (see below). Voxpops (derived from the latin phrase Vox Populi - 'voice of the people') are quick interviews with delegates, usually asking for a sentence or two about how they are enjoying the conference or something similar. Similarly, these can be useful for social media or the 'highlights' video.

Social Media / Highlights Videos
As you probably know, social media is a really important tool and a conference is a great way to gather content that can be used and re-used to get your message across on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. We can film quick snippets for posting, whether it's voxpops or capturing the general feel of the day. We can also produce a highlights video that is ideal for sending out after the event to provide delegates (and those that were unable to attend) a summary of the day. This typically consists of a mixture of footage from the conference, interviews, voxpops and text/graphics/imagery edited together with music.

Keynote speaker videos
It's good practice to record the keynote speakers and share their presentations on social media (e.g. YouTube). That way, delegates can revisit presentations that were of particular interest to them and those that were unable to attend can catch up on what they missed. If a Powerpoint presentation (or similar) was used, it's good to include them as part of the video. This requires additional editing, but not a huge amount.

How Farsight Films can help
Farsight can provide comprehensive videography services to cover your event, big or small - tailored to your budget and specific requirements. Please get in touch via our contact page or call now on 07968 033 089.

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